Road Freight


ATS'Dynamic Movers perform international and intercity road transportation of any type of goods, including: piece, bulk and liquid cargo; Full Truck Load (FTL) and groupage cargoes; heavyweight and oversized freight; dangerous goods; goods requiring transport under a certain temperature regime. Transportation of certain goods can be hazardous to truck, driver and, in some cases, others on the road. Hence this transportation requires adherence to special rules. In particular, the transportation of dangerous goods by truck across America States is performed on the basis of special permits issued by authorized state bodies. Obtaining a permit and route approval are required in case of road transportation of oversized goods. ATS'Dynamic Movers constantly monitors changes in the legal regulation of road transportation and performs safe and efficient delivery based on the characteristics and size of each load.


LONG EXPERIENCE: ATS'Dynamic Movers has over 25 years’ experience in operating road cargo shipping. During this time, our company has learned the specifics of various industries and operational best practices to provide each client with efficient solutions for their needs.

BROAD GEOGRAPHIC REACH: ATS'Dynamic Movers has developed a wide network of offices in American, European, African and CIS countries. Our employees are multi-lingual and are always at clients’ disposal regardless of their location or time zone.


TRANSPORTATION OF ANY CARGO TYPE: ATS'Dynamic Movers specialists organize the efficient delivery of goods regardless of their type and size. Our company offers international transportation of dangerous cargo as well as transportation groupage, Full Truck Load, bulk and liquid cargo.


COMPLETE RELIABILITY: ATS'Dynamic Movers organizes cargo road transport with its own fleet as well as with reliable service suppliers. We cooperate with our transport Partners on the basis of long-term contracts that ensure high KPI results regardless of market situation. Our transport Partners have all necessary licenses, permits, and carrier’s liability insurance.


COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE: Our comprehensive door-to-door cargo delivery services include supervision, weighing, labeling, and ensuring package integrity.


FINANCIAL SAFEGUARDS: We provide safe, innovative, and efficient services that meet the requirements of United States and International law. Our group policy with American Insurance Company Ltd (U.S.A), Canadian Logistics Institution (CLI), Basler Versicherung AG (Switzerland) and Aktiv Assekuranz (Germany) covers cargo for $8,000,000 per insured event.


1. Door-to-door road cargo transportation, including delivery of goods to the places of loading and unloading.

2. Transport route development, risk analysis, and re-routing in case of force majeur.

3. Goods delivery strictly in compliance with defined location and time parameters.

4. Urgent deliveries. Goods safety control and online location tracking.

5. Shipping and customs documentation arrangement.

6. All Risks cargo insurance for road transport.


1. Cargo road transportation within America, Europe, Africa, Asia, including the Balkans and Scandinavia.

2. International cargo road transportation within the CIS.

3. Freight road transportation between America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

4. Cargo road transportation between America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

5. Cargo road transportation between America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

We look forward to cooperating with you! For more information on our services, please contact us via our website or at the nearest ATS'Dynamic Movers' office.