About ATS'Dynamic Movers

Logistics through dedication, innovation and technology

What you need to know
ATS'Dynamic Movers is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Established in 1985 as an express operator, with just one truck we grew in matter of years to a corporate that employees are over 300 workers globally in more than 20 different countries. Our company rapidly evolved into a global brand recognized for its customized services and innovative multi-product offering. In January 1999, ATS'Dynamic Movers went public and traded its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

After five years of successful shipping, ATS'Dynamic Movers returned to private ownership in February 2002 and continued to expand and excel as a privately owned company, establishing global alliances and gaining stronger brand recognition. Today, ATS'Dynamic Movers employs more than 10,000 people in over 150 locations across 60 countries in 2021, and we have alliance network providing us with worldwide presence.

The range of services offered by ATS'Dynamic Movers includes domestic and international express delivery, freight forwarding, logistics and storage/ warehousing, records and information Management solutions, e-business solutions, and online shopping services.
Company Vision & Mission
We are striving for excellence in everything we do, driven by a sense of urgency and a wish to meet all your needs. This personal features are our company signature.

Transport is committed to ensuring customer's needs for quality shipping, logistics and truck services are understood and met. We deliver on our promises with precision and guarantee.

Always Learning

We are relentlessly learning new ways of improving our services to meet the needs of our individual clients. We are growing globally and reviews from all over the world concerning our services are always put in consideration to serve you better.


Latest Technology

Innovation is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, and has long been a driving force in the growth of ATS'Dynamic Movers services. It originally stems from listening to customers and developing new products and services that address market needs. At ATS'Dynamic Movers creativity is celebrated and rewarded. Small and big ideas come from all levels of the company to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Safety & Quality Assurance

Improving processes, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency of daily operations is an ongoing cycle in ATS'Dynamic Movers. We place high value on maintaining and enhancing quality in every facet of the organization. Therefore, we have designed and implemented a quality management system to ensure a consistent level of high standards at all times, and we evaluate these standards regularly and work on technological and process innovations to improve upon them.


Environmental Care/ Humanity

ATS'Dynamic Movers has adopted an environment protection policy which addresses security issues related to the ownership, integrity and accessibility of information, and in particular, risks associated with the use of computers and networks for storing, transferring and processing information. ATS'Dynamic Movers has a strong commitment to protecting its critical information assets against unauthorized access and use, theft, modification, destruction and unauthorized disclosure, and regards the protection of information assets as a common responsibility of all staff.
















Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of ATS'DYNAMIC MOVERS. Their ideas help shape the directions of our business as it continues to develop, and they have the wherewithal to get every job done right. We are improving on our global strength and projecting to have served over 25 million customers by 2025 across America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Jesse Nicolas


Our Co-Owner of the team! His expertise and vision drives the team forward.

Lasha Aptsiauri

Dispatch Manager

Dispatch manager overseeing and manage the delivery of goods.

Jack Henderson

General Manager

A Strategic leader, problem solver, and team builder.

Linda Reil

Chief Operation Officer

Our strategizing and driving operations officer

Hannah Hendrix

Supply Chain Supervisor

Keonjason Jones

Ordering Agent

Elizabeth B.

Ordering Agent (II)

Patricia Rhett

Field Inspector

Beka Bekauri

Warehouse Supervisor

Jacqueline Estes

Warehousing Supervisor (II)

Andres Curiel

Storage and Distribution Officer

Allison Mathew

Storage & Distribution Officer (II)